12/2023: ...in preproduction. 

confirmed production support by VAF

A mother refuses to resign herself to her child's terminal illness and draws hope from a healing story, but her will to believe in a miracle soon collides with reality.

Unable to accept her teenage daughter's impending death, a mother seeks inspiration in a miracle story starring healing earth. Haunted by her child's deterioration, she goes into the woods of the story in search of the remedy that promises the impossible.When, after yet another setback, her daughter gives up faith in a happy ending, the mother forces a breakthrough. But then it turns out she is not the only one preying on the holy grail.

Short drama fiction

estimated length: 16 minutes

written & directed:

Jan Pepermans & Stefanie Vanhecke

confirmed cast:

Ariane Van Vliet

shoot: September - October 2024