15/07/08 - A shortfilm for Mr. Michael Van Ostade.

15/04/21 - Shooting for Guy-Marc Hinant & Dominique Lohlé at Tour&Taxis Brussels... soon: Rage.

15/04/01 - A first self-produced piece by Buenos Tiempos International, we shot "A Walk With Dorothée Dupuis and Jessica Gysel around the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower in Brussels" To be hosted at "La Loge" Brussels April 1st.

15/02/24 - Tondoscope was employed by TV Brussels. Enjoy some examples of the city seen through our special eye...

15/02/01 - Please enjoy the trailer for Gust Van den Berghe's Lucifer. Release in Brussels in Februari.


14/12/01 - Lucifer wins Grand Prix in Tallinn http://www.flandersimage.com/news/detail/lucifer-wins-grand-prix-in-tallinn

14/11/23 - Shooting a guerilla-no-budget takes us to paris. find the camera!

14/10/14 - Lucifer is ready! Première in Rome, Italy.

14/08/25 - Shooting Sarah&Charles' new short; with all access to the La Cambre park in Brussels

14/08/08 - Shooting Carles Congost's latest work in Brussels, for a Komplott art project also featuring some old friends.

14/07/22 - Shooting for Eric De Kuyper's new feature film.

13/06/04 - the opening of Sarah&Charles' exposition takes place 29th of June in Z33 Hasselt. It would also be the première of "Plothole" and "Suspension of Disbelief", shot by Hilife crew in Tour&Taxis Brussels.

13/05/31 - "The Fifth Season" has been selected for the cinematography film festival of Macedonia, "International Film Camera Festival - Manaki Brothers" 2013 edition in September.

13/05/20 - a new feature shot this summer leads us to this place: Angahuan

13/03/23 - We actually had much better photo's of the Sarah&Charles set!

13/03/23 - Spring is in the air, It's snowing. regretting this shoot / this fury never got edited, could not let the world miss out on this frame:

13/03/01 - Wrapup of the Biennale di Venezia Cinema College - final dinner. every festival related trip ends in group photos. We'll be watching Nawapol, Alessio, and Tim.

13/02/18 - Wrapping up the Sarah&Charles art - dance - musical project "Suspension of Disbelief". @ Tour & Taxis Brussels.

Tour & TaxisTour&Taxis

12/12/20 - "La Cinquième Saison" @ filmfestival "Les Arcs" got three awards: best actress (Aurelia Poirier), Cineuropa Prize, and best cinematography (for the Hilife crew)


11/09/12 - The Cast and some crew say hi from the Venice Red Carpet. "La Cinquième Saison" got the 'green drop award' and the youth jury award. http://thefifthseason.be

5th Cast

28/07/12 - The Fifth Season has made the official selection in the Venice Film festival, La Biennale.



27/04/12 - Hey, there's a new website! Find out everything about "Blue Bird" on:


17/03/12 - Time Flies. The Fifth Season has been shot in the meanwhile, a one-day report by VRT of the shoot has been published on Cobra.be ...


12/12/11 - Shot and awaiting the final cut. 'Death of a Pole Dancer' coming soon.

29/11/11 - Happy to announce the launch the (pre)production of a new feature film by 'Bo Films'. enjoy a scouting shot; there is a person standing on the hill holding a stick. That's where it's going to happen. Check back end of February when we're done shooting.


07/11/11 - Shooting documentary for Simon VR, Pillarbox Productions. Borinage.

dernière ligne

01/09/11 - Up for rental: HiLife has its own RED ONE MX package, now. Interesting feature nr. 1 is the fact that it will accept CANON EF, EOS lenses (has the so-called Birger Mount).
Available as of End OCtober.

25/06/11 - Ghent: Niko Himschoot is directing the next videoclip for "Überdope".

10/06/11 - Doing some work with Shelbatra Jashari & Angelo Vermeulen. project is "Corrupted Cinema"!

corrupted roach


02/06/11 - A bit late, but here's the "Blue Bird" trailer.


26/05/11 - Very nice, the Quinzaine trailer. It features a frame from Little.B.Jesus.O.F.!

24/05/11 - We had a great time in Cannes, as usual ;-)! (FIY the picture is taken with the Pananascout app for iphone from Panavision... A great location scouting utility!)



03/05/11 - The lesser you hear from us, the better it's going. We are preparing ourselves for Cannes 2011, taking Gust VDB's 2nd feature to Cannes, again. Exceptional.
Blue Bird has, in the meantime, also been picked up by the Coproduction Office. They have some very very nice films on their shelves, amongst which Blue Bird, from now on...

31/01/11 - finished up 'make Believe'. enjoy some screenshots from the rushes! no definite grading.

21/01/11 - Shooting Helene Wang's short for Caveman. Check back for updates!

13/01/11 - Best Wishes 2011 to all! Just back from Africa, Alexa on a feature film project. Love the machine. Convinced it is the best tool for our story.

20/11/10 - traced back the ACW pub. Mostly a nice job by Beaver&beaver. Lighting by our crew.

19/10/10 - Good Times @ Film Festival Ghent: Gust VDB won another prize!

2-3/09/10 - Commercial for the Government! :-) Directed by mr. Daan Van Baelen, Denzzo Productions.

no phfotos

15/08/10 - Shooting a tourist documentary in Lanaken and Oud-Rekem.

10/08/10 - Commercial for ACW - directed by mr. Arne Focketyn for Black Maria Productions. Handy!

09/06/10 - A Fashion shoot, for the Fashion Academy of Ghent. Shots are taken with the camera in a 90 degree angle, the idea is to do the same thing when projecting three films side by side, in a portrait aspect ratio. Directed by Niko Himschoot.

30/05/10 - another "vijverfestival" commercial in the making... SETPHOTOS (thanks to Bram Tack)

29/05/10 - The Nuc finished up on the "Stad van Licht" Clip.

24/05/10 - Just back from Cannes Festival. As you remember, Little Baby Jesus of Flandr was in the competition!

26/04/10 - Hi-liver, or Life-greeter Kenneth K. Cox just finished up shooting a short feature film with director Enzo Smits, enjoy some stills! (not graded yet!)

23/04/10 - The INTERGALACTIC LOVERS' video clip "FADE AWAY" has been released. Props to directors Daan Van Baelen & Leslie, and D.O.P. Daan Werdefroy.

20/04/10 - Congratulations To GILLES COULIER, for his selection for the Cannes festivals 'cinefondation'. The Hilife crew took care of the lighting, an camera assistance on this short film. NOVA interview with Gilles

20/04/10 - Congratulations To GUST VAN DEN BERGHE, the feature film "LITTLE BABY JESUS OF FLANDR", originally "WAAR DE STERRE BLEEF STILLE STAAN" has been SELECTED FOR THE 2010 CANNES FESTIVAL, in the "Quinzaine des Realisateurs" section. The D.O.P. Hans Bruch jr. would like to sincerely thank all the other technical staff, of which many are part of the Hilife crew: "Merci Carolien Nils Kenneth Robin Kristof Daan Ruben Bert Bert2 Jana Niko J*rgen, en de mensen die ik nog niet noemde, en buiten het technisch departement. Dit was uiteraard nooit mogelijk zonder jullie hulp. Het was hard, bij momenten, maar heeft wat opgeleverd..." http://www.quinzaine-realisateurs.com/films-h75.html Youtube trailer

10-11/04/10 - Another Videoclip is being shot, by Daan Van Baelen & Leslie, for the band "Intergalactic Lovers". Setphotos will soon be available. http://www.myspace.com/intergalacticlovers - http://www.thenuc.tv/ THE INTERGALACTIC LOVERS WILL BE AT CAFé ROSKAM the 10th of May. Might want to check it out.

04/04/10 - Working for Woestijnvis TV productions - Look out for Jan Eelen's Drama series shot during the "Tour of Flanders" cycling competition. All the shots inside the cars were shot on Canon 5D's, some of which were supplied by Hilife! http://www.woestijnvis.be/

30/03/10 - test clips for Geertrui Coppens' mother's day project. 5DmkII + Zeiss 50mm ! Zoom H4n! vimeo link: http://www.vimeo.com/11051541

20/03/10 - Took us some to update the site, but we're back at it again. We did a shoot in Lommel(BE) for the local band "Stad Van Licht", for their soon-to-be-hit-single "Radio Silence". Clip to be released end of April. Meanwhile, enjoy some setphoto's. http://www.myspace.com/stadvanlicht directed by Daan van Baelen: http://www.thenuc.tv/

25/01/10 - Hilife lighting crew at work at Simon Heymans' short feature: "3 Angry Men".
See the Flickr photos!

01/01/10 - Happy New Year! In addition to last post, check out Philip Bloom's tutorials on DSLR shooting. Helpful. (Not affiliated with Hilife):

24/12/09 - Better image through research: check out the 'Hilife 5DmkII post-prod recipe'(for post-production) on the hard data page, by clicking the Hilife logo up there ^^..

17/12/09 - We did a publicity film on Brewery "Het Anker", in Mechelen. The Final cut is expected in the first months of 2010. It's gonna be good. (Directed by Geoffrey De Decker, Hilife-crew : DP Hans Bruch jr., Steadi-operator Nils Valkenborgh) (some screenshots:)

12/12/09 - A little piece on the Carillon in Leuven. 5D mk II once again, did not prove to be the easiest on this kind of reporter style thing, but we managed.
(DOP: Carolien Den Hond / Director, Editor, Sound: Hans Bruch jr.) Vimeo Link

08/12/09 - Winners! Hilife congratulates the people who WON THE V.A.F. WILDCARDS, a considerable recognition for freshly graduated directors. Among the chosen: Gilles Coulier, for "Ijsland", who worked with the Hilife-crew for lighting (Hans/Nils/Bert) , and Gust Van den Berghe's "Little Baby Jesus of Flandr", virtually entirely shot by hilife (Cinematography: Hans, Steadicam: Nils, 1st A.C.: Carolien, 2nd A.C. Kenneth, Electrician: Bert) - we are very proud of Gust and the resulting full-length feature film!

05/12/09 - The hilife credit-sequence... Like 20th Century Fox, or Universal...:-) audio is still to be designed.


04/12/09 - Mr. Kenneth K. Cox (dir. & DOP) did some filming. This is a 3:1 Aspect ratio... on the Canon 5D mk II. post production gets easier as it is 60% of the file size.

03/12/09 - Going to the Caveman productions' press conference... get a site!

- Hilife cinematography guidelines... : We like widescreen!

xx/07/09 - sometime in the past summer, we did this, EOS 5D mk II on Tiffen Steadicam Pilot. (DOP: Hans Bruch jr. - Steadicam: Ruben Tondeur - Directed by Niko Himschoot - Client: Braem from 'Rauw en Onbesproken')



xx/xx/xx - OLDER ENTRIES ARE HISTORY! thanks for understanding...

Use our ApL compressor presets! Prores 422, 25fps, 2,35 or 3:1 ... also: vimeo16:9 vimeo2,35